Low fat diets, cancer, and heart disease

Recent media reports on an extensive low fat diet study would have you believe that reducing fat consumption will not improve your health. Before we go overboard, and switch to a fat-intensive diet, let us remember that the results of the study are limited to a specific group of people:

  1. Women (postmenopausal) aged 50 to 79 at the start of the study.

  2. A reduction of fat from around 38% of total calories to about 27% of total calories.

  3. Women who were generally overweight to begin with (mean body mass index above 29, on average)

The impact of fat reduction on men and on younger women still remains to be determined! However, there are certain steps one can take that do prevent heart disease: eat a Mediterranean diet, exercise, work on stress reduction, try to achieve an optimistic point of view, and don't smoke!

For more details, please see the full writeup.


Last Modification - February 11, 2006