Do cell phones cause tumors?

A recent article in the British Journal of Cancer describes a large study of the impact of cell phones on a specific type of tumor call "acoustic necroma". This is a non-cancerous tumor, that slowly degrades hearing. Mostly, they find no connection between cell-phone use and the number of cases on acoutic necroma. However, there is an exception, with questionable statistical validity - the relative risk of having a tumor on the same side of the head as the side where the telephone is used, after at-least 10 years of use, is 1.8. However - the margin of error ranges between 1.1 and 3.1 which implies that there may be almost no effect.

In itself, acoustic necroma is very rare - about one in 100,000 thousand people suffer from it. So any change in its frequency is also going to be hard to observe, compared to the much higher risks we endure daily from heart disease, cancer, accidents and other causes. More extensive research will clarify this issue, but given the low risk, lets worry first about the real health risks in life! For more details, click here.


Last Modification - October 10, 2005