New York wants to ban "trans fat" in foods

Various headlines on August 10 (2005) state that Dr. Frieden, the New York City health commissioner, asked restaurants to stop serving foods that contained trans fats (e.g., margarine and some other types of shortening). However, the facts, as best determined by current research, don't support this drastic step. Our series on saturated fat and on "Cholesterol Skeptics", as well as other information available, indicate the following:

  1. Both saturated fats and trans fats raise cholesterol. Trans fats seem to lower the HDL level ("good cholesterol") by a small amount, and this is the reason that some people consider them worse than saturated fats.

  2. There is no conclusive epidemiological evidence that fats are detrimental to your health

  3. Low fat diets lower HDL more than trans fats do!

So before we spoil the tast of our food (maybe that will help us get thin ), let's get all the facts! We remind our readers that the healthiest diet based on actual studies is the Mediterranean Diet.

A meal with trans fat won't kill you, and it isn't even clear that it will significantly increase your risk for cardiac disease.


Last Modification - August 13, 2005