Vitamin E Risk Update (2)

One more study concerning vitamin E has just been published in JAMA, (JAMA, V 294, p 56, 2005). This is a study involving close to 40,000 women and is a randomized comparison between vitamin E or a placebo (this is the most reliable type of studies). 600 IU of the vitamin were taken on alternate days. The followup lasted 10 years.

The conclusion was that there was "no overall benefit for major cardiovascular events or cancer". However, there was a decrease in cardiovascular mortality of questionable significance (but not in total mortality) in healthy women. The Margin of Error for the decrease was between 0.59 and 0.98 - coming too close to unity to have any degree of confidence. Combining this study with those in two previous newsletters (first study, second study) we conclude that there is no rationale for consuming vitamin E.


Last Modification - July 6, 2005