Sponsors of Factsmart.Org

Facsmart.org has set its goal as the provision of health-related information to the public, without the traditional over-selling ("hype") that is found in news releases. It generally references the original publications of medical research that have been peer-reviewed, and presents them in a way that most people can understand. It empowers the public to understand the benefits and the risks of health issues, and make their own informed decision.

Sponsors who identify with this goal will receive the following for a period of one year, subsequent to their contribution:

  1. An email account at factsmart.org (e.g, "yourname@factsmart.org") that they can access through a webmail account, and through email software on their PC (a POP account).
  2. A web page that includes up to 600 words and two photos (480X600 pixels), subject to our style editing (no offensive language in our opinion). (e.g., www.factsmart.org/yourname).
  3. Their name in the list of sponsors.

If you would like to consider becoming a sponsor, please use this link to contact us. No information will be collected or stored.

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