The Implication of Risk Factors III

This form will help you assess and interpret your risk for which medication may be suggested. You will need three numbers: your risk (in percent), the period for this risk (i.e., if you have a 15% risk in 10 years, these two numbers are 15 and 10). The last number is the "risk reduction" due to the medication. For Statins, 30% is a reasonable number for CHD events, and 15% for mortality. Plug these numbers in, click "Calc" and interpret the results.

Enter the risk (in percent) for contracting the illness: %    over a period of years
Enter the Risk Reduction due to medication: % (in percent) 

Click    to calculate implications!

Without medication,
we expect an average of out of 100 people to become sick, in years.
With medication,
we expect an average of people out of 100 to become sick in years.

4. "Bottom Line" - As a result of medicating 100 people,
people remain well regardless of the medication!
will become sick regardless of the medication!
      So, a total of are not impacted, except by adverse reactions!
people have an additional years till they get the illness.

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