The Mediterranean Diet and Alzheimer's disease

A study published in Annals of Neurology (early publication online, titled "Mediterranean diet and risk for Alzheimer's disease") provides significant indication that those who adhere to a Mediterranean diet are less prone to developing Alzheimer's disease. The authors of the study investigated about 2,300 non-demented individuals, tracked them over a period of four years, and tested them every couple of years. Of the patients studied, 262 developed Alzheimer's during the follow-up period. Those who adhered more closely to a Mediterranean diet, had a significantly smaller chance of developing Alzheimer's - the most "adherent" had a risk ratio of 0.60 (Margin of Error between 0.42 and 0.87) for developing the disease.

This is just one more reason to adhere to a Mediterranean style diet...

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Updated - April 22, 2006