Mamograms - The Hazards

European guidelines state that "You must tell patients if an investigation or treatment might result in a serious adverse outcome, even if the likelihood is very small." In fact, the likelihood of being overdiagnosed after mammography is not very small! it is ten times larger than the likehood of avoiding death from breast cancer! In other words, for every breast cancer detected, 10 other patients are told they have breast cancer when they do not!

Every false screening result can lead to women to "experience anxiety, worry, despondency, sleeping problems, and negative impact on sexuality and behaviour, and changes in their relationships with family, friends, and acquaintances and in existential values". Many false screenings lead to unnecessary mastectomies, with all the pain and suffering associated with them. The radiation dose for unnecessary treatment also leads to additional cancers and hearth problems.

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Last Modification - February 27, 2009