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Can you answer correctly all the following questions?

Do you think that vitamin C will prevent colds?

Do you think that taking statins impacts one in every three people taking them?

Do you think that echinacea is a useful natural remedy?

Do you know what the one diet is that really improves your health?

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If you answered these questions correctly , you don't need this site! Otherwise, please continue to read...

To help you take charge of your life, we provide you the facts - facts as they are presented in peer-reviewed journals, the same as physicians read when they have the time. We avoid the hype you find in typical press reporting, explain what disease risks are, and how medication and/or treatment decreases (or not) the risks. Click here for examples of questions we try to answer.

Oh, and stay away from the nonsense of Dr. Oz. For a hilarious review, click here!

We provide tutorials that cover the basic concepts, and an ever expanding list of detailed topics as well as short news clips. If you need information on a specific subject, feel free to contact us. Please - start taking charge of your life!

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