Crestor™ and Risk Reduction - Summary

There is no question that Crestor™ (rosuvastatin) reduces one's risk of heart attacks, stroke and related illnesses, even for people with minimal or no risk factors. The question is "at what cost" - not only the high financial costs, but also related health costs of adverse effects. The duration of the study - less that 2 years - pales in comparison with the period of 20-40 years that a 50-year old might expect to take it. The impact of statins (and especially Crestor) over such a long period is unknown, but suspect to several adverse reactions that we have listed. In addition, almost all the people taking this medication will not be impacted. So there is no obvious reason to rush out to get Crestor, or any other alternative statin, unless you are in a very high risk category. In such a case, you should be working closely with your physician on determining apropriate medication. There is no evidence that other statins are by any means less effective than Crestor.

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Last Modification - Update - November 15, 2008