Cell-Phones - Do They Pose a Risk?

We have summarized results from three recent (out of many) studies of the impact of call-phone use on tumors. There is no indication that cell phone use leads to an increase in these types of tumors, with one exception that has borderline statistical significance: for people who use the phone for more than 10 years, there may be a very small increase in the number of neuromas on the same side of the head where the telephone is used, compared to the other side of the head.

More studies will be needed to determine whether this effect is real. We also mention that the studies state that there is no known biological mechanism that would link cell-phone use to the development of these tumors.

In summary, there is no obvious link between cell-phone use, and tumor development. At the very worst, further studies may reveal a very small risk for heavy users of cell phones, that would be very rarely encountered (less than one in 100,000 users). Compared to other daily risks, such as driving, heart disease, cancer, etc., let's continue to enjoy the worry-free use of cell-phones!

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Updated - January 01, 2010