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Is moderate alcohol drinking really good for you?


Should you take it regularly (updated 1/06)?


NOT due to vaccinations!

Breast cancer

Exercise decreases the risk!


What is it, really?

Cell Phones

Is there a risk?

CHD Risk Factors - I

Risk factors and different ways of calculating risk for Coronary Heart Disease. What factors should be considered? What do different estimators say about your risk? Is cholesterol the only important thing to worry about?

CHD Risk factors II

New and emerging risk factors: homocysteine, CRP, electron-beam measurements,...

Cholesterol Skeptics

Cholesterol Skeptics - Does the amount of saturated fat in your diet really matter?

Crestor™ studies

Crestor - should you rush to take it?

Dogs Sniffing Cancer

Can dogs detect bladder cancer by sniffing urine?

"Eating Right" and lifestyle changes - impact

The health benefits of healthy eating and lifestyle changes


What is the real impact of exercise on your health?


- which are good and which are bad?

Folic Acid

It may be beneficial!

Fruit and Vegetable consumption

What are the real benefits of fruit and vegetable consumption?

Hospital Risks

Serious risks due to hospitalization!

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Providing women with the information to make their own decision.

HRT Alternatives

Are there viable alternatives to HRT? (May 06 update)

HRT - terminating HRT

HRT just seems to delay menopausal symtoms!

Hypertension risks

What are the real risks of high blood pressure?


Reducing it doesn't always help!

Low Fat Diets

Do they prevent cancer and heart disease?


There are inherent dangers - Be Aware!

Medication Errors

Protect yourself from medication errors while hospitalized difference?

Mediterranean Diet

Does it really make a measurable difference?

Mehmet Oz

Questionable Science as Entertainment!

Natural Remedies

Do they really make a measurable difference?

Obesity Risks Updated

Obesity Risks - Mortality and Health of Obese People.


Are they healthier?


Should it be treated with bisphosphonates?


Should you eat chocolate and fish, and drink wine?

PSA info

Prostate cancer risk, PSA values and increase rate - The rate at which PSA increases is just as important as its value.

Power lines

What, if any, is their impact on health?

Rosuvastatin info

Questions raised about the safety of Rosuvastatin.

Salt - Publice Enemy No. 1?

Should everyone reduce their salt intake?

Saturated fat

Is it really bad for you?

Saw Palmetto

Found to be ineffective!

Soft Drinks and Diabetes

Does frequent consumption of soft drinks cause diabetes?


If you don't have Coronary Heart Disease symptoms should you take statins?


What does workplace or marital stress do to you?

Trans fat

Are they that dangerous?

Veteran Physicians

Are they as good as their junior colleagues?

Vitamins and Antioxidants

Does the consumption of vitamins and antioxidants prevent major illnesses?

Vitamin C

Does it impact colds?

Water Drinking

Should you drink 8 glasses a day?

Women's symptoms of Heart Disease

Women have different heart disease symptoms than men. Why, and what are they?

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Here are some tutorials that will help with understanding some of the aspects of these studies:

Statistical Errors

What are "Statistical Errors" and what are "95% Confidence Level" limits?

Study Errors

What are the systematic errors in medical studies?

Medical Studies

How are medical studies done, and how is their outcome reported.

Peer Review

Why do we focus on "peer reviewed" journal articles?

Risk Tutorial

What does "risk" mean?


Explains the role of statistics in everyday life, with simple examples.

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